Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to watch web pages that is included sinhala unicodes by a mobile phone

Actually this matter was a brain teaser to me also.Do u believe this?.To pacify this teaser,u must do only 3 steps.So Lets do it instead taking bilge...
1)Download the Opera mini 5,6(latest version is 6.1)
2)Install it ti ur mobile & plz type config: or opera:config in address bar & go
3)In opera settings u’ll notify “use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” option.change it to yes.Then save
That’s it’...Enjoy it....It has some rendering issues.Never mind about that.

If u have an Android smart phone u can test this method.plz refer this kalinga’s blog. or easily u can download SETT web browser which supports to Sinhala Unicode now.

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